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If you could delegate 3 things today? What would they be?

Look to TheOfficeSquad® for solutions to all of your bookkeeping, administrative and or management tasks. We take away your worries and concerns about the back office, non revenue generating part of your business so that you can focus on expanding your success.

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TheOfficeSquad® services are membership based and start with the very basics.  QuickBooks access from anywhere and help on how to use it.  If you want or need to do it yourself, at least you’ll be doing it right.  As you grow and revenue increases, you can delegate a little at a time.  Before long you’ll be a true CEO working on your business and not in it.

How is a Small Business Owner like a Fighter Pilot?

wingman2They both need an awesome support team to help them accomplish their mission.  A small business owner needs someone to answer the phone, send a fax, do the bookkeeping, receive and process mail, deposit checks, offer advice, and so on. However, they don’t need that person or people all the time. So, we’ve created just that; a place where an entrepreneur, solo business owner or small business owner could just “plug and play”.



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How we can help you grow your business.

Our small business support services are all-inclusive; you can choose to use as few of our services as you need, or you can opt for the full range of management services that we offer.  Learn More…

For a small business owner, the question isn’t when is it time to find an accountant or a bookkeeper, but instead, which one do I need and when. When it comes to daily record keeping and monthly reporting, you need a professionally trained bookkeeper; you need TheOfficeSquad®  Learn More…

Using a marketing firm can be very costly, but using our marketing specialists provides a way for you to minimize costs while keeping you in the public eye. Learn More…

We provide payroll and quarterly tax filing services.  Make sure that your payroll and quarterly tax reports are accurately prepared and filed on time.  We also provide yearly tax documentation preparation and can send out 1099s.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a home business, small business, or professional association, virtual offices and outsourced office management will save you time and money. Learn More

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