Accounting and Bookkeeping

Looking for a bookkeeper?  Someone that understands small business?   

It’s difficult to find a good one and many times, it’s out of your budget. So…you do it yourself or recruit friends and family.

No problem. Let us help you do it right and when you're ready, delegate a little at a time.  The squad will be there for you. 

Phone Reception, Dispatch, and Scheduling

Much more than an answering service

Your business phone is the first impression of your business and you. TheOfficeSquad knows that and your calls are just as important as the ones for us.  

Standard answering services will transfer the call to you or take a message.  Our goal is to answer the question being asked so you don't have to.  Now that's real help!

TOS hosts QuickBooks and helps with end of month numbers. This gives me the opportunity to spend more time on my business to focus on growth vs. in my business.

Denette Braud The Funnel Cake Cafe

bookkeeping help

Paperwork, follow up calls, and problem solving

TheOfficeSquad is corporate office staff that's virtual. 

We're NOT just one VA working from home.  

We're NOT just one VA specializing in a certain niche. 

We're NOT a VA Staffing agency.

We're NOT a web based platform that connects you to an assistant somewhere in the world; or two or three.

We are an entire office of trained professionals in one place.

In the U.S.  

A entire office staff just for you.  

Free with your membership - Cloud Technology to pull it all together

Are you using QuickBooks Online, Google Docs, Dropbox, Office 365, or any of the other gazillion apps out there?  
There is an easier way.  The Virtual Desktop powered by TheOfficeSquad®

Remote access to your staff and your stuff.  

  • The full desktop version of QuickBooks
  • Your documents
  • TheOfficeSquad staff and support
No cost to you for maintaining licensing, backup, or IT support.
All included with a Flight Club membership.  
Just a few dollars more than QuickBooks Online alone. 

My business earns 10%-15% revenue increase monthly due to the added time I have to train and provide clients better service.

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