Our Story


DidaVa.com dba TheOfficeSquad was founded in 2001 by female U.S. Air Force veteran and military spouse, Jarita Clifton.  Call sign Dida. 

Originally, she intended to offer part-time bookkeeping services from home, but quickly discovered small business owners needed more. They need someone to answer the phone, send a message, do the bookkeeping, receive and process mail, deposit checks, offer advice, and so on. However, they don’t need that person or people all the time. So, she created just that; a place where an entrepreneur, solo business owner or small business owner could just “plug and play”. 

TheOfficeSquad is available to use as much or as little as the client needs. There are cloud services, accounting programs, virtual offices, answering services, executive suites, bookkeepers, administrative assistants, virtual assistants and business advisers everywhere – lots of them.   They just do a piece of what the business owner needs.   

What makes TheOfficeSquad® not only different but better? 

We are all those things.  In one place, in the U.S. and accessible from anywhere.  And we care about the success of small business.  

We've got your back


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