The Flight Club

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Free Could be costing you more than you Think

So how can something that’s free actually be costing you money? Surely the money that you save by not paying for an online solution will outweigh any minor issues you could have, right? The answer is: not always. While cheap online software could seem like a good value for the money, it could be a real headache and jeopardize your time and sanity when you need a bit of help. 

Here's what you get as a member of the Flight Club:


    • Remote access to the Virtual Desktop (your own cloud)

    • The latest, full desktop version of QuickBooks® Premiere

    • QuickBooks® training so that you start off in the right direction.  

    • Microsoft Office Professional

    • Instant Chat with TheOfficeSquad® for help and direction

    • Electronic storage cabinet for document storage and sharing  

    • Access to tax expert

    • Access to training, bookkeeper, accountant or business adviser by phone & on line

    • Access to CFO

    • The ability to add services on an hourly basis as you feel comfortable doing so.

Starting and running a small business can be a lonely place. 

 Our membership based platform not only gives you access to technology, 

help and advice but the support needed to accomplish your mission.