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A Business Owner is a Lot Like a Fighter Pilot.
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TheOfficeSquad is a small business management firm that specializes in virtual full charge bookkeeping.  We love helping with business operations like the accounting, phone reception, administrative tasks and all the minutia in between!

We're not just bookkeepers. We understand the urgency of owning a small business. And nobody does it like we've been doing it for 18 years. 

SQUAD: A small group working together toward a common goal. That's what we'll do together.

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Accounting  •  Bookkeeping  •  Hosted QuickBooks  •  Virtual Assistance  •  Phone Reception  •  COO Services  •  Full Back-office Support

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Flying Solo

Are you a business owner that needs to do things yourself? That's cool! We can help you do it right with technology, training, and advice. 

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Add a Wingman

You have been flying solo for a while and now you're ready to get some help. You're still in charge and doing a lot, but you are ready to start delegating a little at a time.

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Full Flight

You’re an Ace and ready to take it to the next level.  You know you need to delegate and are ready to hand it over.  Full back office support and accounting at all levels. 

Where do you rank?

Flying Solo | Add a Wingman | The Full Flight

Not sure exactly? Let's talk it through. Let our expert team help you to design the monthly membership just for your needs and join the flight.


TheOfficeSquad is Your Trusted Business Partner

The service that I get from TheOfficeSquad is true to perfection. The money that I spend is nothing compared to the service I receive on a daily basis. It's well worth it.

Greg Bell

Owner + Operator | Buyers Choice Home Inspection

TheOfficeSquad has worked with us to customize what we do and it is a very seamless process. That is just a comfort for a small business owner that is unrivaled.

Ray Crosby

Broker | Wynn Realty Group

Free Trial: Hosted Quickbooks Desktop

Limited Time Offer: Try our hosted Quickbooks Desktop solution for free for 30 days with training and free professional advice. 

Bookkeeping for Small Business

Know your numbers. We will keep you ahead of the game with bookkeeping for small businesses. You can focus on growing your business while we save you time and money.

Virtual Assistant

Present a professional face to your customers. Let us answer your phones, schedule meetings, dispatch employees, and much more. We've got your back.

Chief Operating Officer Services

Is your company running as smoothly as it could be? In order to grow, you need a firm foundation and systems that run without you - that's collectively called business operations. 

Don't Grow Your Business Alone

Why Hire an Individual When You Can Hire a Squad?