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The Work We Do Is All About You,
But Here’s a Little About Us …

We’re your comprehensive partner for running a clean back office. Picture your business with up-to-date financials, on-time bill pay, reliable call-answering, and virtual (human) admin assistance with client scheduling, answering common questions and payment collection–all at a monthly price you can afford. If you can picture this, you’re picturing TheOfficeSquad.

Why The Office Squad

Why We Do, What We Do

TheOfficeSquad combines the precision and discipline of the military with training in the administrative and bookkeeping fields, all while maintaining the understanding and urgency of owning a small business. We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we understand the importance of a good support system.

Our mission is to change the way that America grows small business.
Let’s do it faster, better, and smarter.

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We’re your complete back-office squad, offering a full suite of services to help you run a clean, efficient, successful business.



Our squad is 100% US-based. When you work with TheOfficeSquad, you’re working with a collection of talented pros, all located in the same headquarters, so they can communicate smoothly when managing different parts of your business.

Fully Customized

Fully Customized

We package services based on what your business specifically needs. And, because we don’t handcuff you to an obscene, rigid contract, we can add or subtract service–or time spent on those services–accordingly.

Faster, Better, Smarter

Faster, Better, Smarter

With TheOfficeSquad, you’re partnering with a full squad of experienced professionals, not just a single person. In doing so, you’re accessing a talented group with a wide range of strengths and skill sets, all focused on the common goal of helping your business succeed.

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Meet the Top Squad

Dida Clifton

Dida Clifton

LinkedIn of The Office Squad

Founder / Commander

TheOfficeSquad® was founded in 2001 by U.S. Air Force Veteran and military spouse, Dida Clifton. She saw the need for the micro and small business owners to have access to a full back office, of not just staff, but advice and technology. Just like a big corporate office has.

These owners need a trustworthy support staff with procedures and processes that allow the business owner to actually create a company and not just a job. So she created just that; a place where an entrepreneur, solo business owner or small business owner can just “plug and play”. She combined the precision and discipline of the military with training in the administrative and bookkeeping fields; then, sprinkled it with the understanding and the sense of urgency small business owners require. Perfect recipe.

Talor Clifton

Talor Clifton

LinkedIn profile of Talor Clifton

Chief Marketing Officer / Urban Explorer / Oxford-comma Advocate

After earning a degree from The Art Institute of Las Vegas in fashion and retail management, Talor shook up the work-world by joining talented teams within progressive brands like Ulta, Splendid and Alex & Ani. After the better part of a decade, Talor took her knack for business operations and joined TheOfficeSquad as Business Development Director in 2020. Climbing the ranks within the business and helping everyone around her excel in their roles, Talor earned the title of Chief Marketing Officer in 2022.

(Read about her promotion here).

With a keen eye for finding hidden and lesser-known coffee shops and restaurants in the Las Vegas area, Talor is happy to point out where her clients can find the best mezcal margarita within a 50 mile radius.

Amber Cosgrove-Lyman

Amber Cosgrove-Lyman

LinkedIn profile of Amber Cosgrove-Lyman

Chief Operating Officer / Craft Brewery Supporter

Becoming an official Squad member in 2014, Amber has helped shape what makes our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Earning her bachelor’s degree in business management from Grand Canyon University in 2018, Amber brings her academic studies to the real world with the work she does constantly improving our processes and ensuring our clients have the best experience. With sufficient stops in roles as file clerk, receptionist, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, sales manager, and client relations director, Amber gained the necessary skills to perform the duties of our Chief Operating Officer position (Read about her promotion here).

Always game to try a new craft beer, Amber keeps the pulse of the Las Vegas brewery scene (with Servehzah and Able Baker being her current favorites). When not keeping things running smoothly at TheOfficeSquad headquarters, you can find Amber wrangling her two little ones for day trips to the lake.

Here Are Some Questions We Hear Often (and our answers)

Not to brag, but here’s a short list of the types of tasks we can take off your plate. More of a laundry list kind of person? Click any service to expand the details.

While TOS doesn’t do Federal tax prep internally, we do work with some exceptional CPA Trusted Allies – and can arrange for your taxes to be done for you at a great price (and ensure your books are in-line with our CPA partners’ standards).

If you prefer to use your own CPA, we will ensure your books are accurately updated throughout the year so they are ready to be passed on to your tax preparer.

Yes, TOS can set up sales tax preferences in your invoicing, help to calculate, prepare, and pay the sales tax monthly or quarterly. Whichever your business requires.

TheOfficeSquad can be the go-between for you with employees, processing and ensuring the numbers are posted correctly in the accounting software; but, we don’t actually “process and file” payroll. TOS works with several payroll processing partners that process payroll, collect taxes and file for you.

Yes, TOS can receive invoices, post them to your accounts payable, process payments (once you approve the payment), communicate with vendors, and all the minutia in the middle.

Yes, TOS can create estimates and invoices, send them, receive and post payments, and monitor the accounts receivable so you get paid in a timely manner. Revenue is number one, right?

TheOfficeSquad is a membership-based service that works by task. Instead of an hourly rate, retainers or packages, we create a list of recurring tasks and a monthly membership price to accomplish them. No matter how long it takes us, you pay the same amount every month unless the tasks change. No surprise overages. TheOfficeSquad has no hidden charges or long-term contracts.

Unlike most business services that provide just one type of support, TheOfficeSquad can provide several. We are a full squad of staff members, under one roof, working together to handle your bookkeeping, end of month accounting, customer support, phone reception, and other daily office tasks. TheOfficeSquad members are professionally trained, insured, experienced business experts, accountants, office assistants, and managers that can handle any small business office operation. With the squad, you can focus on the fundamental functions of growing your revenue while we handle all the time sucking, but necessary, tasks in the office.

Usually, a Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who (from a remote location, usually their home) supports multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative creative, or technical services. Most are unsupervised, uninsured, and unaccountable. TheOfficeSquad virtual staff is not the norm. We are a cross-trained squad of professional office staff working together to handle your bookkeeping, office administration tasks and paperwork. You’re not hiring a person with TheOfficeSquad. You’re hiring an entire squad.

Nope! We work with clients all over the country. Our Las Vegas headquarters and our Henderson office locations are located in the pacific time zone, so we just pay extra attention to when we schedule meetings with clients located outside of our time zone.

We understand the need to connect and trust one person. Handing over your bookkeeping is not easy. You’ll work with a Flight Lead that will be your main point of contact and handle the bulk of your bookkeeping tasks. But, if there is only one person, what happens if they get sick, go on vacation, or leave TOS? Does your business stop? No. When you partner with TheOfficeSquad, it’s never about just one person to help. There is always a backup.

Heck no! We love cleanup projects, and we’ve seen it all, so no worries. We can include a review of your current bookkeeping to assess what needs to be done to bring them to required general accepted accounting principles (GAAP) specs and quote a cleanup project for you.

TOS has been hosting QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud since 2008, before it was cool. It’s the software we recommend for business growth, and it’s free with membership. However, we know there are many choices and have squad members certified in QuickBooks Online accounting software as well. We have experience and are willing to learn many others. It’s really not about us. It’s about you and what your business requires.

Fortunately, when you partner with TheOfficeSquad, our professionals are already trained and ready to help. We vet all our staff before hiring and continually train in house for various tasks. When you work with TheOfficeSquad, you only need to acquaint us with your specific business practices. You train us once, we create systems and procedures for your specific needs, and then, we cross train the squad. You should never need to train again. Because our squad members have experience working with a variety of clients in a variety of industries, they learn and adapt quickly.

That’s a big one and the main reason our founder started this whole thing. Did you know, anyone can be a bookkeeper or VA? Seriously, there’s no certification, no required classes, no accountability, no testing, nothing. TheOfficeSquad staff is carefully selected, background checked, tested in their field of expertise, and graduate a 90-day bootcamp before they become squad members. In addition, TOS carries not only business liability insurance, but employee dishonesty and errors and omissions insurance up to a million dollars. Just in case because nobody is perfect.