Holiday Back-office Support in Las Vegas

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Holiday Back-office Support in Las Vegas

With the holidays fast approaching, most businesses will be taking time off or changing their hours of operation. Many businesses rely on the quality back-office support our experts provide but you may have some questions regarding the scope of our customer support over the holidays. Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive during the holiday season:Can I Create a Custom Greeting for my Phone Line? Rather than modifying your existing script, making a temporary greeting for the holiday season is a great way to keep customers in the loop about your new hours of operation. Our team will work with you to create a custom holiday greeting to use during the days you request. Once the holidays are over, we’ll return to your original greeting. Will Calls or Emails from Customers Still Be Answered over the Holidays? Our back-office support in Las Vegas is available 24/7, even during the holiday season. We’ll answer customer calls so you can enjoy time with friends and family. We will ensure every call is answered with care and consideration every time. How Do I Notify Customers of My Revised Holiday Hours? The time frame between Thanksgiving and the New Year tends to mean a lot of new hours of operation for businesses. You can let your customers know about your new hours in one of three ways:

  1. Create a new, temporary greeting for use over the holidays
  2. Add a time/date feature to your greeting
  3. Attach a status update for operators to see when pulling up your script

Can I Make Temporary Updates to My Script?

We can create temporary scripts to be used during specific hours of the day or night, which will route customers to a greeting of your choice. Once business hours have returned to normal, your original script will take over. Customers are encouraged to submit changes to their scripts several days to a week in advance, especially during the busy holiday season. I Forgot to Make Changes to My Script for the Holidays & Need It Done Fast. Can You Help? While we recommend customers submit their script changes several days in advance, we understand how busy you can be. Our team is able to make fast updates to your script for operators to read. This is a quick way to get information to customers that couldn’t make it into a script update.

Let Us Handle Your Back-office Support in Las Vegas, So You Can Enjoy the Holidays

To receive back-office support in Las Vegas over the holidays, contact TheOfficeSquad at 702-649-3495 today. We provide comprehensive phone answering service and administrative support all year long. Trust in us to handle your customer queries with care this holiday season.