Do You Really Need a Business Phone Number?

Do You Really Need a Business Phone Number?

No one starts a business expecting to fail. Forbes estimates that more than half a million people start new businesses each month. With that level of competition for customers, loans and investors, it’s essential you create a solid foundation for your business from the start. Setting up a business phone number is one of the first ways of showing your dedication to success. Opening the lines of communication can mean opening the doors to opportunity. Check out these top reasons to maintain a business phone number in the digital age.

Set the Right Tone

When you operate your business from your personal phone, it sends the signal that you are casual about operations. Unprofessional voicemail greetings or pocket dials can quickly turn off a potential investor. Closeup portrait young angry business woman, corporate employee talking on cell phone, having unpleasant, bad conversation, isolated white background. Negative emotions, facial expressions, reaction Set the tone from the launch of your business that you intend to operate with excellence with a dedicated business phone number.

Avoid Trouble with the IRS

The IRS isn’t forgiving when it comes to blending business and personal expenses. If you want to deduct the expense of your monthly phone bill, you need a business phone number. Mixing the two can lead to financial penalties during an audit. Be sure the phone line for your business gets billed to your corporation and not your personal name. A business phone number isn’t just about labeling one of your phones ‘business’ and the other ‘personal.’ When you call from your business line, the caller ID should show your business name.

Be a Real Person

Many online businesses offer customer support email addresses or chat services in lieu of a phone number. When customers have urgent issues with your product or service, those minutes they spend waiting on a return email can be the difference between losing their business or maintaining the account. Online businesses should avoid the temptation of operating like a computer. Allow customers to connect with real people who can show empathy for their problems.

Instant Gratification

When people have a question about your business, they want instant gratification. Leaving them to Google the response opens the door to third parties speaking on behalf of your business. In worst cases, customers can’t find answers at all leaving them to pursue business with competitors instead.

It Keeps You Sane

The average person sleeps with his phone on the bedside. A phone call at midnight about shipping costs not only interrupts your rest but can make your company sound unprofessional if you answer half-sleep. Angry businesswoman shouting on phone in office Having a business phone line allows you to cut business off after your listed business hours so you can rest and maintain your sanity.

You’re in Good Company

The most trusted companies in the world have a business phone number. Think of how your perception would change if there was no way to reach your bank or insurance provider by phone. Having a business phone line establishes your company as credible. It indicates you have enough business coming in that there’s a need for people to call you.

The Business Phone Number

It’s so easy in the age of social media and chatbots to avoid having a business phone number. The number of people who text instead of talk seems to grow daily. But as these users become more savvy shoppers, clients, and investors, they will demand more access to your company. For more information on getting your business off the ground, please give us a call.