Does a Small Business Need a COO?

Does a Small Business Need a COO?

As the founder of your business, you have a promising vision. You want to offer the best product, attract clients, and see your business reach new heights. But, do you have the skills to manage the day-to-day business operations until you achieve your dreams? A chief Operations Officer (COO) has valuable skills that can help you manage the details of your business operations. However, before seeking the help of a COO, you need to do a lot of thinking and planning. Here’s what you need to know before you decide to enlist the services of a COO.

What is the Role of a COO?

Years ago, COOs were only considered to be a thing for big corporations. Now, these professionals are frequently mentioned in the realm of small businesses. Although the job description of a COO varies from company to company, it mainly involves managing the day-to-day business operations of a company. The COO crafts an operational road map for how the business will grow from its current position. The COOs role also includes managing projects, setting goals, and strategic planning. They help push plans into action, devise project workflows, delegate the tasks that need to be done, develop the company’s infrastructure, and ensure everything is going according to the strategic objective.

To Choose or Not to Choose a COO?

COOs come with expertise that is instrumental in making a business work. However, hiring a COO doesn’t make sense for everyone. The decision you make boils down to the stage your business is in its evolution, the growth path you have chosen and the amount of management workload you have. When you have too many business operations on your plate, you may prioritize the wrong things, become less productive, and lose sight of the important things.

Why You Need a COO

Here are a few reasons why your small business may need a COO:

  • When you are overloaded with work due to increased growth of your business
  • To transform your business operations and make your company more competitive
  • You want everyone in your business on the same page and going in the same direction
  • You need a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • To improve communications with clients and keeping expectations clear
  • To scale up your business smoothly
  • To boost the value of your company before a merger, going public or selling the business
  • To keep your business thriving after you retire

Searching for a COO

If you feel it’s time to hire a COO to streamline your business operations, you need to take your time before making a decision. Always remember the person you choose will be your second in command. A good pick will work wonders for your business, while the wrong choice can be catastrophic. As a small firm, look for a COO who fits with your vision, fits within your company culture, and ready to grow with your business. Before making a choice, contact the references in the resume to understand the candidate better, try out their skills for a certain period, and assess their commitment. And don’t forget, a remove COO is a viable option.

Outsource a COO from TheOfficeSqaud

Hiring a COO is a time-consuming endeavor, and you aren’t even 100% sure your pick will transform your business operations for the better. Now, businesses are realizing they can easily find the ideal candidate when they outsource. Outsourcing from TheOfficeSquad will help you locate the perfect candidate quickly, find a dynamic professional who has experience working with different small businesses and has an impressive track record of delivering results.

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