Don't Waste Your Time

Don’t Waste Your Time: The Top Business Tasks You Should Be Delegating

As an entrepreneur, time is the most critical commodity. It’s more valuable than money. Why is that? Well, you can use your time to make more money, but you can not use the money to buy more time. To be successful and remain competitive, you need to delegate your business tasks. By doing so, you have more time to concentrate on the core functions of the company. That helps your business in the long run. So, which tasks should you be delegating? To find out, keep reading our informative post on top business tasks you should be delegating.

Taxes and Accounting

As a business owner, you may think that doing your business accounting or taxes translates to saving money. It is the opposite. You are losing more than money. To ensure that the business remains competitive, delegate your taxes and accounting activities. There is one choice – outsource to a professional firm. By doing so, you get to save time and money.


Are you in search of statistics and facts for your upcoming blog posts or newsletters? Are you looking for quotes to use in your speech for your next product launch? Hire a virtual assistant. laptop-2562325_1280 If you are in search of content for your ebook, have your virtual assistant research for you. Delegating research tasks frees up your time helping you concentrate on critical tasks.

Administrative Tasks

Managing your calendar, and returning phone calls are some of the administrative tasks you need to delegate. By using tools such as Google Apps and Skype, your assistant can organize your calendar. Also, he or she can book your travel plans and schedule appointments. That saves you a lot of work.

IT Support

Want to protect your data from cybercriminals? Want to keep up with emerging IT trends such as AI-infused CRMs and ERPs? Delegate your IT operations to a task manager. Hiring a team of experts will ensure that your online store does not suffer any downtime. Not only that. The team will upgrade your hardware and software to ensure you remain competitive. Another option is to outsource your IT department to a managed service provider.


As a business, your customers want to form a relationship with your brand. To do that, you need to market your business. Marketing helps you sell your products and services. It also helps you to improve your brand engagement and convert leads. While coming up with marketing strategies is ok, this is one of the business tasks to delegate. Experienced marketers will handle the day to day operations of marketing. For instance, designing ads and creating social media content.


Writing privacy policies and creating contracts is overwhelming. There are a lot of legal jargon and hurdles to navigate through. Without a legal expert, you may end up losing a lot of money by committing to a contract you do not understand. gavel-3577255_1280 To prevent this, hire an attorney for your business. That saves you the stress, anxiety, and time. Also, you get to protect your future.

Finding the Right Experts to Delegate Business Tasks To

There are several hiring qualities you need to consider when looking for experts to delegate business tasks. They include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and common sense. Others include empathy, the right personality, and ability to innovate. Are you a small business owner in search of professional experts able to handle your accounting and bookkeeping? We at the Office Squad can help. Contact us today and grow your company.