Manage Email Accounts

Escaping Inbox Hell: Why You Should Let VAs Manage Email Accounts

From constant spam to being copied in unnecessarily to email conversations, staying on top of your digital admin gets overwhelming at times. We’re more connected than ever and that means never switching off. Half of Americans admit to checking their email while they’re in bed! If you need a better work-life balance, it’s time to consider hiring a virtual assistant to manage email accounts for you. Keep reading to find out how a remote assistant could revolutionize your digital administration!

How Virtual Assistants Work

A virtual assistant is like a freelance team member. They carry out the same role as an in-house personal assistant, but without costing you the huge overheads of employee salaries and costs.

Remote Working Reduces Costs

You don’t need to pay for office space, parking zone, expenses, salaries, or taxes for an outsourced VA. The remote aspect means you’re saving money on office overheads without compromising on business efficiency!

Pay-As-You-Assist: No Wasted Money

You pay your VA or the agency a set fee for the hours worked. You’re not paying an in-house employee to twiddle their thumbs waiting for the phone to ring! You’re only paying for the time a VA uses and, as they’re experienced and efficient, this reduces your overall admin time required, too.

Flexible Contracts

A virtual assistant can come on-board as a temporary contract or as a long-term freelance partner to your team. Handshake of two business men closing a deal at the office When your business grows or has seasonal highs and lows, you can alter the hours you pay for, too. You’ll only be paying for their time used – and never the time wasted.

Reliable Administration Whenever You Need It

Virtual assistants use standard processes and email protocols to manage busy inboxes and administrative tasks. The use of such thorough organization skills means you’re guaranteed an efficient service that saves everybody time and money. Filing systems and archive folders mean it’ll be easy for you to find email conversations in just a few seconds: no more hunting for files!

3 Money-Saving Reasons a Virtual Assistant Should Manage Email Accounts for You

Hiring a virtual assistant to take your digital admin off your hands saves you more than immediate time. Every minute saved is money back in your pocket:

1. Free Up Time to Deal with Business Critical Communication

Your VA will only send you the essential emails that must be personally answered by you. No more spam, no more pointless ‘CC-ing’ of conversations you don’t need to know about. Business meeting in front of desktop computer This gives you more time to act on business growth tasks. You’ll be more proactive, instead of reactive, and this gives you the advantage of moving quickly compared to your competitors.

2. Organize Your Day More Efficiently

Handing your emails to your VA means you’re not tied to your desk or your smartphone all the time. You can plan your day around essential meetings, networking events, and business tasks. You don’t need to factor in lots of time to read and reply to emails. Instead of logging on in the morning to spend the first two hours of the day managing your emails, you can get straight to the important tasks. Your time management skills will seriously improve!

3. Work Internationally Across Time Zones with Ease

Operating across several time zones or countries means you’re glued to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone outside of your typical business hours. Hiring a remote VA means you can arrange for email monitoring to occur outside of your office hours. You can switch off your devices for a better work-life balance, while safe in the knowledge your international client needs are handled in good time.

Find a Reliable VA Service

Freelance assistants can manage email accounts for any business. However, if you don’t do your research you might run the risk of giving access to sensitive data to nefarious characters. A VA agency, however, will vet their staff and ensure your business confidentiality is covered with top-level insurance and contractual requirements for their VAs. Contact us today to find out more about using a VA to manage your digital admin in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner.