Qualities You Need in a Virtual Assistant

Four Qualities You Really Need in a Virtual Assistant

You may be familiar with the old adage from Mark Twain: “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” In the same way, the difference between the almost right Virtual Assistant and the right one is pretty significant. You need to pick someone who can take care of important (but ultimately time-consuming) tasks. The four qualities you want when looking at a Virtual Assistant–or VA–will keep you from getting the lightning bug when you wanted the lightning. RELIABLE Especially with small businesses, the VA who will give you the most is someone you can count on again and again. You need to be able to give instructions for tasks such as writing thank you cards, phone answering services, or bookkeeping–and know that they will get done in a professional, efficient way every time. The paperwork will be there when you expect it. Emails will be sent on time. Accounts will be reconciled. With TheOfficeSquad, you aren’t flying solo, so hand over as much or as little as you want. COMMUNICATION The right VA should ask you questions to clarify your directions and remember that feedback for the future. They should let you know right away if there are delays, and be able to explain what caused them. They should be easy to get a hold of, and you should feel comfortable reaching out to them. We will ask you questions to clarify your directions, and remember that information for the future. We will be open to your feedback and make sure that any adjustments are done to make sure we’re doing the best for your business. GOOD REPUTATION It is in the best interest of any business owner to have a reputation for high quality work done in a timely manner. It creates long-lasting relationships, increases your referral rate, and encourages clients to come back in the future. In choosing a VA who will handle such important parts of your business, you are trusting your brand to someone else. Our reputation is your reputation. Let TheOfficeSquad set you up for success. QUALITY It almost goes without saying, but high quality is the passing grade when it comes to hiring a VA. The work they produce should be something you would be just as proud of if you had done it. For many business owners, it can be hard to delegate work to others when you know exactly how you would do it yourself. But getting pulled in too many directions can make your quality suffer. Go into meetings confident that we’ve got everything taken care of. From accounting and bookkeeping to answering phone calls, TheOfficeSquad has your back. You don’t have to settle for a service that’s just “good enough.” Find the right Virtual Assistant. Click HERE now! TOS Pin-4