How a Live Phone Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

How a Live Phone Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

Two out of every three potential customers want to reach brands by phone. When they call your business, they not only expect you to pick up regardless of the hour, but they also expect to have a great experience speaking to you. Modern customers base their loyalty on the experience they receive during their interactions with a company. Despite all the communication technology advances, humans still crave old-fashioned phone calls. Live interaction with other humans makes us feel more confident about doing business with a company. If you have only been investing in automated technology solutions to engage with your customers, you might be turning away potential customers. Here are the key benefits of using a live-call phone answering service.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

When consumers come across your product or service online, and they become interested, many of them opt to make a phone call to inquire about it. Every consumer has unique needs, wants, and requests – when they call your business number, they expect to speak to a human who will understand their specific needs and answer unique questions and/or offer solutions. If potential customers can’t reach a real person, they become frustrated and are likely to do business elsewhere. To avoid missing out on opportunities, it’s best you partner with a professional phone answering service like TheOfficeSquad. We offer phone answering in Las Vegas, and our phone receptionists are highly knowledgeable. They are trained to answer your customers politely, and they strive to create a great first impression for your company.

Boost Your Customer Service Reputation

Today’s consumers are extra cautious. They always do their research before doing business with a new company. If they come across online reviews stating you never answer calls or the receptionists are unprofessional, they won’t bother contacting you. Don’t forget word of mouth is also important, and customers who aren’t satisfied with your response are likely to share the bad experience with others.

Free Up Your Working Day

When you are attending meetings, developing a plan or running your business, the last thing you need is phone answering added to your busy plate. This can obstruct you from executing important business plans and affect your productivity. With TheOfficeSquad taking care of your calls, you will be able to carry out your day’s activities without distractions, and all your callers will feel well taken care of. Furthermore, you will receive updates from our squad throughout the day so you can respond to urgent callers and requests as needed.

Reduce In-House Costs

Without a dedicated phone receptionist, there is no way to guarantee all calls will be answered. However, finding, hiring, training and maintaining a receptionist is quite expensive. Still, the receptionists can’t work 24 hours, so you will also need a backup plan for those after-hours calls. Working with an experienced live-call phone answering service allows you to save on all these costs and potentially get much better service. When you outsource your services to TheOfficeSquad, our receptionists will be trained on how your business operates, the services you offer and what your brand represents. This training will enable them to answer questions about every single aspect of your company and act as a true extension to your operations. When you don’t answer phone calls, potential clients end up at your competitor’s doorstep. To avoid losing customers, and save extra money, partner with a live phone answering service you can trust. TheOfficeSquad specializes in phone answering in Las Vegas, and we employ a highly trained team of professionals who can represent your business over the phone. To learn more about our solutions, please contact us today at 702-649-3495.