Scripts for Outsourced Phone Answering

How to Create Customer Service Scripts for Outsourced Phone Answering

Today’s workforce is seeing changes that are making a dramatic difference in the way we work and do business. 54% of Americans say they spend at least some time working remotely, a common occurrence as we gradually see a rise in remote employment opportunities. However, to ensure quality customer service, many businesses are choosing to provide their remote workers with customer service scripts. If you’re looking to create uniform customer service care, no matter where your employees are based, read on to learn more information on what you should include.

Know Your Customer

One of the most important steps in creating well-versed customer service script is to anticipate the needs of your customers. If you’ve been in business for some time chances are you’ve already identified a trend on what type of questions and concerns may be addressed by your customers when they contact customer care. survey-1594962_1280 If not, you may want to look into regular customer service questions answered by your competitors or included in FAQ sections of similar websites. Once you have identified these key questions, you want to play out the conversation in your head exactly as you would like it to go. This will be your first step in creating an important and dynamic script that ensures every call runs smoothly.

Talk to Your Lawyer Before Creating Customer Service Scripts

Before putting pen to paper it’s important to know exactly what you can and cannot say in your customer service script. Just one customer service personnel giving a false promise or guarantee can result in a massive lawsuit for the entire company. As a result, you may want to include with your script a strict guideline to your employees as to what they cannot say under any circumstances.

Always Keep Sales in Mind

While the primary functions of customer care are to help solve the problems of the customer and to establish a strong relationship with your brand, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for sales. deal-4131445_1280 Without making it seem like you’re shoving new products down your customer’s throat, find a way to subtly include new product options as a suggested solution to your customer’s problems. That is assuming that no current solutions already exist within your product or plan.

Finding the Solutions You Need for Your Remote Clients

As your business grows you may find it difficult to track and manage all of its various, moving pieces. While creating customer service scripts is a positive step in the right direction, you may find that additional solutions can deliver the productivity your business needs to succeed. If you’re interested in finding out about the various solutions and tools available for your business, contact us today for more information on how we can help you solve your specific problem areas. You’ll find that with simply integrating the right tools, you’ll create a better experience for both you and your team.