Organize your Time

How to Organize your Time in 2019

When it comes to a new year, most people try to tackle an organization project or two. This usually includes tangible things such as organizing your closet or garage. But something else to consider may be how you utilize your time and how to do it more effectively. Managing and organizing your time is not only a stress saving thing to do, but in the long run, it can also help you achieve those 2019 goals.

Create a Daily Schedule

This one can be hard to do if you are a solopreneur or business owner. Set up an hour-by-hour schedule and fill those hours in with the tasks necessary for the day. For instance, tell yourself you will do X by X time and move on. That way, it keeps you from tasks taking longer than you meant them to and from getting distracted.

Cut off Social Media alerts

This can be especially hard if you are used to checking in on Facebook or Instagram all day. The truth is, nothing on there is so important that you should allow it to interrupt your train of thought or ability to complete tasks. Social media alerts aren’t the only distracting alerts we get… there’s also a little thing called text messages and phone calls. Turn your phone on “do not disturb” and you will only get notifications from your “favorite” contacts. You can set your favorite contacts in your settings.

Go Old School with your Calendar

Most of us have a calendar feature on our devices, but there is something to be said about a good old-fashioned calendar you place on your wall or desk. The act of writing things down can help you remember and it’s always there to remind you as you go throughout your day. If you see it, you will have a better idea of what you can and what you can’t do as far as scheduling your days.

Get Better at Saying No

If your day is so busy that you barely have time to eat and you find yourself constantly feeling run down, you may be agreeing to do more than you can feasibly do. It really is alright to say “no” sometimes. Especailly if it means you can better manage your time in the end. Don’t feel like you need to give excuses or reasons either, other than it just won’t fit into your schedule at the moment. If saying “no” is hard for you, try doing it in situations that are easy to say no in first before doing it with family or close friends.

Stop Controlling Everything

Many people find themselves in a situation where they just don’t have enough time for everything. They have trouble delegating tasks to others and are trying to run too many “shows” at once. Maybe it’s time to start delegating those small tasks to TheOfficeSquad!

Take Time to Relax

One of the biggest reasons many people feel stress about time, or lack of it, is they don’t take time to decompress. Make sure you schedule time to relax so you can reset your own clock once in a while.

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Organize your Time