Time to Outsource Your Call Handling

Is It Time to Outsource Your Call Handling?

As your business expands, you have limited resources (such as space, employees and money) to accommodate this growth. For many companies, it makes sense to focus these resources on the product or service offered by your business, rather than investing in supporting systems. Instead of spending more money and time developing your own on-site call center or reception desk, consider outsourcing your call handling to an outside organization.

Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Outsourced Call Handling

1. Your Call Agents Have a Lot of Idle Time

It’s fairly common for in-house call agents to have regular periods of downtime throughout the day. Customers might require a lot of assistance during the morning hours, leaving the rest of the day fairly silent. Unfortunately, this downtime can be costly for your business. Even when your phone lines aren’t ringing, you’re paying for employees to keep the lines manned. You also have the costs associated with the infrastructure for your phone lines. A more cost-effective option is to outsource your call reception to a company that focuses on call handling. With this option, you’ll pay for call handling on an as-needed basis instead of spending a lot of money on a call rep who may or may not have work. 2. You Need to Expand the Times that You Offer Call Support One way to enhance your customer service rating is to expand the times that you offer call support. Customers will appreciate having the option to receive call support during times that are convenient for them and outside of normal business hours. However, to expand the hours of your in-house call support, you’ll have to hire additional employees to receive calls outside of your normal business hours. Instead of expanding your operations to include high-cost overnight shifts, you can partner with a call handling company to take customer calls outside of your normal business hours. If desired, you can continue to handle your daytime call handling, or you may outsource all of your call support tasks. 3. You Want to Expand Your Communication Offerings Many customers prefer businesses that offer multiple mediums for communication, such as text messaging, social media messaging, online chat, and email support. However, the software required to expand your communication offerings is expensive. Another solution is to hire a call handling company that already has all of the latest technology. You’ll be able to better serve your customers without having to invest a lot of your financial resources in a new infrastructure. 4. Your Call Volumes Wildly Fluctuate Some companies find that their call volumes wildly fluctuate due to seasonal variations in customer demand. For example, if you operate a company that primarily cleans outside pools, you’ll likely have higher call volume during the spring and summer months. Instead of trying to hire and train agents to deal with this increased demand, opt for outside call handling. The call handling company can better adjust agent availability to account for variations in your call volume.

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