Outsourcing Your Phone Reception

Outsourcing Your Phone Reception Is a Great Way to Spring Clean Your Budget

If you’re gearing up for spring cleaning at your company, you might need more than just a broom and dustpan. Our crew at TheOfficeSquad knows that truly tidying up involves tending to physical and virtual spaces. While it’s important to clear cobwebs from the corner and sweep dust away, it’s also vital that you spend time cleaning up your budget to reduce unnecessary expenses. One key area where you can prevent expenses from cleaning out your budget is phone reception.

3 Great Reasons to Use a Business Answering Service

Phone reception is an essential element for most businesses. Even though there are more ways than ever to get in touch with a business, many customers and clients still prefer to speak to a live person on the phone. Though it’s vital to ensure that your business makes a great first impression, you don’t necessarily need to staff this position in house. In fact, having your phone reception covered by a business answering service provides three immediate benefits, including:

  1. Less Time Commitment If you can’t count on one hand how many times each day you spend answering the phone, then it’s possible that you desperately need phone reception assistance. These phone calls don’t just add minutes to your day, they distract you from what really matters: growing your business. Virtual phone reception service can also take messages for you in the off-hours, eliminating the need for you to answer your phone at all times of the day and night.
  2. Enhances Your Payroll How does outsourcing phone reception positively impact your payroll? First, by not employing an individual to solely focus on that position, you don’t have to worry about schedule changes, sick time, or any other hurdles that come with full-time staffing requirements. Also, when your employees don’t need to worry about fielding phone calls, they’re free to perform their primary roles which is ultimately the reason you hired them. Virtual phone reception services ensure that the salaries you’re investing in your employees are put to proper use.
  3. Instant Transfers to Other Virtual Assistants If you’re using virtual phone reception service, you’ll be pleased to know that this resource can easily integrate with your other virtual services, such as bookkeeping. TheOfficeSquad, for instance, offers these services and more under one roof which makes it effortless for our phone reception staff to field calls and transfer them to the correct parties without your involvement.

Outsource Your Phone Reception to TheOfficeSquad

Ready to clean up your budget by saving money with a business answering service? TheOfficeSquad is ready to take your call. Our phone reception service handles everything from call answering to dispatching and everything in between. When you enlist our phone reception services with another one of our teams, such as bookkeeping or administrative services, you’ll know that you’re getting the help you need where you need it most. Contact us today at 702-649-3495 to learn more.