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1099 Penalty Flags

Avoiding Penalties On The “1099” Play As we continue with the football theme this month let’s chat about 1099s. It’s only September you say? Exactly! That’s why I’m reminding you to get that game plan started now to prevent any yellow flags on the play. The filing date for non-employee compensation payments (Box 7) on…


Four Tips to Make Bookkeeping Easy

Unexpected income issues can stop a growing business in its tracks. It’s hard to keep track of paying all the right kinds of taxes, keeping up with your credit card purchases, and making sure your invoices are paid on-time. The key to saving money and staying on track is to implement a few strategic habits.…


Five Business Tools You Can’t Live Without

If you’re wondering how those other business owners do it, we’re here to let you in on some of the secrets. A few tools can elevate your business, and these are some of the five best: Google Docs The power of Google is incredible, and Google Docs is no exception. It is an online word…


One of the Kool Kids

We all want to be the “Kool Kid”, don’t we? Some of us are after the latest fashion. Some need the newest computer. Some are all about a new car with all the bells and whistles. Give me all three and add the latest smart phone, please. The coolest things that have me struggling to…


Four Ways You’re Losing Money

Half the battle of starting a small business is figuring out the best way to make, spend, and save your money. It isn’t easy deciphering complex financial options, especially as you grow. But there are four things you can stop doing to save your company cash, and funnel it back to the places it needs…


Four Qualities You Really Need in a Virtual Assistant

You may be familiar with the old adage from Mark Twain: “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” In the same way, the difference between the almost right Virtual Assistant and the right one is pretty significant. You need to pick…


Don’t Say Payroll” Unless You Mean It”

There are a lot of things that drive your bookkeeper crazy. Here’s one. A paycheck is for an employee and taxes are taken out of it. Normally employees are paid at regular times. You know every other Friday or something. Vendors and independent contractors, on the other hand, send an invoice and get paid monthly.…


Is It Costing You Money?

When was the last time your bookkeeper presented you with monthly reports? AND reviewed them with you? Couple months? Longer? Maybe you’re so busy you don’t know. That’s a problem and the first sign of trouble. If the person you pay to reconcile your bookkeeping each month is not giving you reports in a timely…


QuickBooks Online Versus Desktop

Are the QuickBooks Online and desktop versions the same in terms of functionality? No Is the cost the same? No Isn’t it controlled by the same software company? No Monthly fees versus One Cost: Monthly subscriptions are based on your online plan and only allow you to setup one company file. If you own multiple…


How to Organize your Time in 2019

When it comes to a new year, most people try to tackle an organization project or two. This usually includes tangible things such as organizing your closet or garage. But something else to consider may be how you utilize your time and how to do it more effectively. Managing and organizing your time is not…


5 Basic Bookkeeping Tips your Business Can’t Live Without

You probably aren’t interested in learning all of the ins-and-outs of bookkeeping and accounting for your business. Nor do you have the time. In order to run your business properly and grow towards earning your first million, it is essential you know how to manage those books correctly. That’s why you hire a bookkeeper, right?…


Peer Pressure

As I was leaving my monthly peer group meeting recently, I had a strange thought. For the past 4 hours plus, I’d been locked away in a conference room with a group of my peers listening to advice and working on strategies for not only my company but theirs. Could that be categorized as peer…


Why Should I Invest in a Bookkeeping Firm?

It’s no surprise that a business owner will tell me that they’ve built their business from nothing, and prefer to handle their books themselves. I get it, you have to save money and watch every dollar. If you’ve never performed bookkeeping, this isn’t the time to start learning, when you’re exponentially growing your business. As…


My Wife Does The Bookkeeping

Is that really a good idea? I apologize now to those that I’m probably going to irritate with this message but it needs to be said. Doesn’t she have enough to do? When we ask a start up, micro/small business owner, or solo-prenuer who does the bookkeeping, there are three answers commonly given. 1. I…


The Top 10 Foolish Things New Business Owners Say

Our mission here at TheOfficeSquad is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs with their back office tasks, so they have time to go out and grow their business. We meet and work with wonderful people. Wonderful, strong, intelligent people, that just need a little support. I thought it might be fun to share the…

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