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Welcome to TheOfficeBlog. This is where you can expect to find a slew of articles worth their weight in business-gold. Our squad keeps up-to-date on trends, insights and helpful-to-know information impacting the business world. If it’s good for business, you can find it here.


Is Your Day All It Could Be?

Are you up and out the door with positive vibes and great things to look forward to? Are you doing those things you see on Instagram? You know the coffee with your spouse, breakfast with the kids, a little planning and contemplation, yoga, or hitting the gym? Or are you dragging your behind out of…


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TheOfficeSquad combines the precision and discipline of the military with training in the administrative and bookkeeping fields, all while maintaining the understanding and urgency of owning a small business. We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we understand the importance of a good support system.

Our mission is to change the way that America grows small business.
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