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Why Accounting and Bookkeeping Are Right

Why Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are Right for Your Small Business

On average, small businesses spend 120 working days on bookkeeping and administrative tasks. Put more hours back in your day and refocus your resources by outsourcing booking and accounting services for your small business. At The Office Squad, we strive to provide business owners with the support they need to make their businesses a success.…

Office Space

Top Reasons You Should Co-Work With Us

Searching for a co-working space in Las Vegas for a change of scenery? Thinking of downsizing your working space, but want to ensure you have an office available from time to time? Co-work with us at TheOfficeSquad! TheOfficeSquad was founded in 2001 by US Airforce Veteran Dida Clifton. Learn more about our why from Dida.…

Business Support Franchise

5 Top Benefits of Owning a Business Support Franchise

You’re ready to operate your own business, but you’re worried about the steps you need to take to open a new business. Or, perhaps you’re concerned that you won’t have the support and guidance you need to make the business a success. An alternative to opening a new business is owning a business support franchise.…

Bookkeeping Job Entail

What Does A Bookkeeping Job Entail?

Enjoy working with numbers and like to arrange information in an organized manner? Or are you interested in learning more about bookkeeping jobs to grow your career? Perhaps you have a little bit of experience using popular bookkeeping and accounting software, like QuickBooks and SAGE, and want to utilize and expand your training. There are…

Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Should You Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

For as long as money has existed, so has bookkeeping and accounting. These two functions keep a systematic record of your organization’s information, allowing you to accurately record and forecast financial performance. Up-to-date records facilitate decision-making for management and are also a legal requirement in some instances. But let’s face it, bookkeeping and accounting aren’t the…

Bookkeeping and Accounting Franchise

Is A Bookkeeping and Accounting Franchise Right for You?

Even as the nature of business evolves, two business support services will always be in demand: bookkeeping and accounting. If you’re considering starting a bookkeeping and accounting business, you probably envision starting it from scratch. While this is an admirable endeavor, there’s another option that offers all the advantages of your own startup without the stresses:…

Conference Room Rental Benefits

Conference Room Rental Benefits for Your Business Meetings

A conference room rental might not have been a primary expense in a company’s budget in the past. Most businesses now operate from their owners’ homes and in open-plan offices. For them, hosting a business meeting in these locations is not the best choice. Even companies with large spaces and seemingly well-furnished conference rooms need…

Lease Co-Worging Office Space In Las Vegas

Top 3 Reasons to Lease Co-Working Office Space in Las Vegas

If you’re ready to welcome some of your employees back to the office but aren’t sure how to make the transition, one option is to lease co-working office space in Las Vegas. There are financial and logistical advantages associated with leasing a shared space. Here are some of the top benefits for our business when…

Best Of Las Vegas TheOfficeSquad

Your vote counts!

TheOfficeSquad is nominated for a Best of Las Vegas Bookkeeping & Business Operations award! Vote everyday until September 23rd. Vote Now. Voting Instructions: Vote for TheOfficeSquad under: Services > Bookkeeping & Business Operations. Thank you in advance for your support! We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we…

Profesional Voicemail Greeting
Phone Reception

The Must-Haves of a Professional Voicemail Greeting

The Must-Haves of a Professional Voicemail Greeting As a business owner, it may seem unnecessary to focus your attention on creating a professional voicemail greeting when your to-do list and schedule are already jampacked. However, for many customers, business partners, and potential employees, your voice greeting is the first interaction they have with your company. It’s…

QuickBooks Tips

QuickBooks Tips to Make Your Accounting Easier

If your accounting feels time-consuming, redundant, or too complex, learning valuable QuickBooks tips makes it easier to manage your finances. Whether you’re a new or experienced QuickBooks user, there’s always something you can learn to encourage more effective accounting practices. Check out these time-saving QuickBooks tips. 1. Don’t Skip the Tutorial You may think that…

Benefits of Virtual Assistant Office Support
Virtual Assistant

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Assistant Office Support?

A growing business might be every entrepreneur’s dream come true, but it also creates some challenges. One of them is an inability to focus on your core activities due to increasing administrative functions. This situation presents the perfect opportunity to hire virtual assistant office support. The Functions and Benefits of Virtual Assistant Office Support Virtual…

What Is a COO

What Is a COO? An Examination of the COO Role

If you’re interested in learning more about the individuals who lead an organization, you may wonder “What is a COO?” COO stands for chief operating officer. A COO is one of the “c-level” positions within a company; c-level refers to positions that start with “chief.”The COO is one of the highest-ranking individuals within a company.…

Why The Office Squad

Why We Do, What We Do

TheOfficeSquad combines the precision and discipline of the military with training in the administrative and bookkeeping fields, all while maintaining the understanding and urgency of owning a small business. We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we understand the importance of a good support system.

Our mission is to change the way that America grows small business.
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