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Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Company Be More Efficient

Running a business is no small feat and chances are high that you’re juggling a lot as a business owner. Despite the mound of work, we’re pretty sure your goals for this year include growing your business…which also means growing your workload too. Here’s another goal to add to your list: Stop trying to do…

Phone Reception

Outsourcing Your Phone Reception Is a Great Way to Spring Clean Your Budget

If you’re gearing up for spring cleaning at your company, you might need more than just a broom and dustpan. Our crew at TheOfficeSquad knows that truly tidying up involves tending to physical and virtual spaces. While it’s important to clear cobwebs from the corner and sweep dust away, it’s also vital that you spend…

Office Space

Take Advantage of Our Flexible Office Space for Lease

Unlike many large corporations and companies, small businesses operate under a different set of needs that create a vastly different workplace. Some owners operate out of a small shop while others conduct the majority of their business remotely. If you’re interested in growing your business operations, but don’t have the physical space (or you’re just…


TheOfficeSquad’s Bookkeeping & Admin Services Help You Work Smarter Not Harder

TheOfficeSquad is here to help you work smarter, not harder. One of the ways that we help you rethink the way you accomplish your business goals is by providing comprehensive yet customized services that save you time, money and frustration. How can we benefit your business? From bookkeeping to virtual assistance, TheOfficeSquad has you covered.…

Back Office

Key Skills of Great Back-Office Support Reps

What does back-office support look like to your business? Is it an executive assistant who keeps track of your schedule, an administrative assistant who handles your busy work, or a bookkeeper who makes sure your accounts stay accurate? At TheOfficeSquad, we believe that back office support is comprehensive enough to cover all of your bases…

Save Money With Bookkeeping Services

How Much Time (& Money) Can Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Save You?

Outsourcing is a scary word for some business owners, especially small business owners who are very hands-on with their companies. We don’t blame people for being skeptical of outsourcing services; however, we believe that this uncertainty stems from a lack of understanding of how to best utilize outsourced services. TheOfficeSquad specializes in providing small business…


Accounting in Las Vegas: Preparing for the 2021 Tax Season

With many individuals and business owners already facing unprecedented financial strains, making sure you’re prepared to file your 2020 taxes will help you preempt any possible issues. Finding a professional to help with your accounting in Las Vegas is a great first step. However, it’s also a good idea to understand some of the changes…


A Business Owner’s Guide to Successfully Working from Home

Most business owners are used to taking a hands-on approach to running their companies. However, with the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adjust our strategies.Since it looks like the work-from-home movement isn’t going away any time soon, now is the time to figure out how to make it work…

Back Office

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Holiday Back-office Support in Las Vegas

With the holidays fast approaching, most businesses will be taking time off or changing their hours of operation. Many businesses rely on the quality back-office support our experts provide but you may have some questions regarding the scope of our customer support over the holidays. Here are some answers to the most common questions we…


The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping in Las Vegas vs. Doing It Yourself

For any small business, saving money is always a major priority. Many small businesses may attempt to handle bookkeeping themselves to save cash only to find out later it may have been better to hire a professional. If you’re thinking about tackling the task yourself, take a few moments to review some important information you…


Get the Virtual Office Support Las Vegas Small Businesses Need

Running your business is no simple task. As the virtual office support Las Vegas small businesses turn to for assistance in managing their day-to-day responsibilities, TheOfficeSquad knows all-too-well the challenges you face. By juggling all of these duties yourself or amongst a small team, you may be allocating your time and energy to the wrong…


Expert Bookkeeping Las Vegas Services from TheOfficeSquad

Plenty of services claim to be committed to your business growth, but what does that actually mean? At TheOfficeSquad, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is not an effective solution. Small- and medium-sized businesses have specific needs that require resources just as unique. That’s why we offer a variety of personalized services that are designed…


Bookkeeping Las Vegas Tips for Small Business Owners

It’s no secret that the bookkeeping Las Vegas businesses complete each day are vital to their company’s success. Small business owners managing their own bookkeeping need to know how to avoid common mistakes and commit to the best practices. Whether you’re directly keeping up with your accounts on a daily basis or overseeing the month-to-month…


The Importance of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses when It Comes to Managing Cash Flow

Bookkeeping for small businesses involves a number of responsibilities. Cash flow generation and management is a big concern for many owners of small- and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, many owners do not realize that improper bookkeeping for small businesses can create an obstacle to consistently generating and responsibly managing cash flow. TheOfficeSquad knows how important it…

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