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How to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty with Phone Answering Service

How many times have you called a business and immediately thought “yuck, never mind,” when the receptionist answered the phone?  

Or a trusted colleague recommended you give someone a call for a service you need, and you’re simply met with a voicemail box on someone’s cell phone? 

Much of the time, a customer’s (or potential customers’) first impression of a business is the person who answers the phone and just as importantly – how they answer the phone.

Small businesses can lose a customer before they even had the opportunity to learn more because:

  • Their call was missed
  • The person answering the phone was unprofessional or unhelpful
  • The business owner was answering calls in the field

Making a great first impression and providing above and beyond service is essential to the success of any business.

So – how can a small business owner ensure this happens 100% of the time without hiring a full-time staff member just to handle incoming phone calls?  That’s where a professional, reliable, phone answering service comes in to save the day!

A live phone answering service means that there are real people answering calls for your business and assisting your customers.  No more missed calls, missed opportunities, unhappy customers, or unnecessary interruptions in your day.

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Below are just a few ways that outsourcing to a professional answering service can boosts sales and customer loyalty:

Enhancing Customer Engagement through Personalized Communication

No more “press 1 for this, press two for that.” – Live phone reception means that your customers are talking to a REAL person, right away.

Great first impression step 1? Check!

Furthermore, when a potential customer feels the person on the other line is ready and willing to assist them and answer questions, they feel valued and begin to build trust in you and your business right from the very beginning. 

If TheOfficeSquad is handling your bookkeeping, we can even transfer calls directly to a bookkeeper if there are questions about invoices, bills, etc. – Hosted Quickbooks.

Improving Accessibility and Responsiveness

Using a phone answering service means that your business calls are answered, even if you or your staff are busy doing something else.  Someone is always available to answer calls and questions – no more waiting for your customers.  

If a message must be taken, the correct point of contact will receive a clear message, the name of the person they need to contact, and all of the contact info.  There will be not more guessing games or replaying a voicemail over and over trying to make sure you have your customers name right.

Round-the-Clock Availability for Customer Convenience

Many professional phone answering services will answer calls 24/7.  If your potential new client only has a moment to call you on a Saturday, they won’t get stuck with an ever-ringing line.  A 24-hour phone answering service shows customers that they are valued and will not be ignored.

Professional Call Handling for Positive Brand Perception

Nothing can kill a customer’s interest quite like poor customer service or a less than enthusiastic person answering the phone.  Having a professional, friendly voice greet your clients and potential clients right away makes a world of difference.  After being quickly and professionally greeted, the right answering service will answer your customer’s initial questions, set any necessary appointments, and they will even take a payment or dispatch a service provider.

At TheOfficeSquad, we do more than just “Answer and transfer,” customer support is our priority – Virtual Assistance.

Streamlining Sales Inquiries and Lead Generation

If a small business’s phone calls are being answered by the business owner – potential customers are often met with “Can I call you back later?” or, “Can I send you an email?” OR even worse – the call is never answered.  Why? Because the small business owner is in the middle of something else.

Missing calls and conversations with potential new customers can be detrimental to a small business.  But what owner has time to do it all?

This is where an answering service and live receptionist can make a huge difference.  They will answer the lead’s initial questions and make sure they are the right fit for your business.  THEN they can schedule a meeting between the business owner and potential customer, where they can get straight to the important things.

If your business is more straightforward – the answering service can even close the sale by providing pricing, scheduling service, and taking a payment.  Yes, all over the phone without your help!

Building Trust and Loyalty with Consistent Service

Many answering services outsource the calls, or have hundreds or receptionists all over the country, picking up whatever calls come across their desk.  If you work with a tailored, custom service provider – like TheOfficeSquad, a phone answering service based in Las Vegas – that won’t be the case.  Having a small and mighty squad answering calls and providing customer service means they get to know your customers well, and your customers are familiar with the people they are talking to!

Imagine having to explain who you are and why you’re calling multiple times.  No customer wants to do that.

When your customers consistently speak with people they are familiar with, they are more likely to develop a sense of trust and loyalty. 

For all of the reasons above and more, finding and using a reliable, professional phone answering service can be invaluable to a small business.  Business owners can put an end to missed opportunities, bad customer experiences, and long wait times – all without having to hire and train an employee.

Even the smallest start-ups and mom and pop shops can impress new customers by making sure their first impression is a great one.

Ready to learn more?  Reach out to TheOfficeSquad here – to learn more about professional phone answering in Las Vegas.  

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