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Are You All In?


Are you "all in" with your business?

When I started my small bookkeeping business from home I had no idea that it would take the direction it has. I do know that when I started to build it, I wanted to use a military theme but it seemed “ridiculous”. I was worried what others would think. What they might say. Would they think it was stupid? So I put it off for years trying to figure out by brand and how to present it. Wasted a lot of time and money in the process too.

To grow as an entrepreneur, I think you have to learn that what other people think doesn't matter. That shouldn’t hold you back from doing what you feel is your passion. So my business model is based on my military experience and that of my husband. What do jets and flights have to do with bookkeeping? The video below will help explain that.

I still get strange looks on occasion but most of the time people get it. Either that or they fake it and smile until I'm gone.

Follow your heart. Hopefully, your brain is engaged. Listen to those whose opinions truly count to create a profitable venture and be all in.


How is a Business Owner like a Fighter Pilot?

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