QuickBooks Online vs Desktop

QuickBooks Online Versus Desktop

Are the QuickBooks Online and desktop versions the same in terms of functionality? No Is the cost the same? No Isn’t it controlled by the same software company? No

  • Monthly fees versus One Cost:

Monthly subscriptions are based on your online plan and only allow you to setup one company file. If you own multiple businesses, you have to pay a subscription for each entity. With TheOfficeSquad Hosted Desktop (VDT) version you pay one monthly payment that allows you to have as many company files as you want. When you stop paying monthly with QuickBooks® On-Line (QBO), you lose your rights to access your books. With the hosted desktop your data file is yours. QBO pricing gets expensive over the life of your subscription and the growth of your business.

  • Inventory/Job Costing/Payables:

QBO offers a very limited version of inventory control. You don’t have the ability to run reports to view what your current inventory is with retail prices or job costing against projects or clients. Limited ability to track your accounts payable expenses. The only work around is to install “add-on”. Which cost extra, of course.

  • Online is less intuitive and straight up complicated if you make an error:

I’ve had project clients during this past tax season who wound up paying more money for me to undo what was nearly impossible to fix, all due to the unforgiving nature of the online version. It’s easy to create a huge mess of transactions with no means to clear out or detangle the issue. Your option like many, is to record general journal adjustments to stay in balance or delete it. What happens if you delete an invoice or a payment? The online version will throw off your ending/beginning balance if it was reconciled and all of the details within the transaction are lost.

  • How do you pay your bills?

This is performed by a third-party. You have to pay to turn this “service” on to cut checks and pay employees and manage your tax liabilities.

  • Customer Service:

Or shall I say – lack there of. I’ve clocked in at least 20 hours of on-phone time with “technical support” to help me unscrew a problem for a client. Online does not employ QB Pro Advisor Accountants to support your complex needs. Technical support can only offer limited software help unrelated to accounting. End of year 1099’s: Beware that you have to upgrade your online plan to Plus, which costs’ more per month in order to produce this report. If you do not set up the 1099 vendor before you begin writing them checks, QBO will not account for that transaction record on the 1099. You’ll have to create the 1099 outside of QBO. QBO Plus is priced at $60 a month. Hosted QuickBooks Desktop with TheOfficeSquad is just $75. And get this. We’ll teach you how to use it and be available for coaching on QuickBooks®, bookkeeping, and growing your business. Intuit doesn’t do that! The question is, how do you want to grow your business? Give us a call and we will be happy to help you tackle that process with our team” 866-602-364 Don’t DIY your books without us. It sure gets expensive…

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