QuickBooks Tips

QuickBooks Tips to Make Your Accounting Easier

If your accounting feels time-consuming, redundant, or too complex, learning valuable QuickBooks tips makes it easier to manage your finances. Whether you’re a new or experienced QuickBooks user, there’s always something you can learn to encourage more effective accounting practices. Check out these time-saving QuickBooks tips.

1. Don’t Skip the Tutorial

You may think that you can figure QuickBooks out on your own or that you already know how to use the software. However, the tutorial is an excellent way to learn everything you need to know about the software’s basic features. You’ll have a much better idea of how to manage your bills and input your expenses.

2. Double-check Your Info for Accuracy and Completion

When you set your accounting up in QuickBooks, confirm that you’re entering the correct information for your company. This ensures that the software is providing the correct recommendations for your business. This also applies to your customers’ info. Make sure to enter all your customers (and details regarding their payment agreement) into the software. It will be much easier to invoice customers and reconcile your records when you have complete information. If you have employees, put in their complete info as well. QuickBooks makes it simple to manage employee payments, benefits, and tax deductions.

3. Opt for Regular Reconciliation

Monthly reconciliation practices ensure that you always know how your company is doing. When you receive a statement or payment, reconcile the info with your QuickBooks records.

4. Back Up Your Information

Make it a priority to regularly back up your QuickBooks records. Not only does this keep your info secure, but you’re protected in the event of a software crash or equipment malfunction.

5. Print Your Checks Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to print your checks directly from your software. This option is usually less expensive than relying on your bank for check printing. It also encourages easier reconciliation because the information for the payment is already in your records. You can even upload your signature to QuickBooks so that your checks are printed with your signature.

6. Know How to Access QuickBooks Shortcuts

When you right-click within a section, QuickBooks displays the most common tasks for that section. This makes your accounting quicker and eliminates unnecessary scrolling. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for common actions. Frequently used keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Ctrl+A: displays the Chart of Accounts window
  • Ctrl+D: deletes items from your list
  • Ctrl+I: opens the window to create an invoice
  • Ctrl+J: opens the Customer Center
  • Ctrl+M: memorizes a report or transaction
  • Ctrl+W: opens the window for writing checks

7. Use the Memorized Transaction Feature

Using the memorized transaction feature allows you to make transactions automatic. This makes paying bills or sending invoices a breeze. Want more QuickBooks tips or need additional accounting tips? Contact us today!