Take Your Small Business to the Next Level With TheOfficeSquad

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level With TheOfficeSquad

Starting and maintaining a successful business requires time, effort and dedication. Unfortunately, as a small business owner, your effort only yields so much fruit, especially if you’re laden down by office and administrative tasks. Having a reliable wingman allows you to focus on core business operations and profit-making. TheOfficeSquad specializes in helping small business manage their operations, especially when launching. Think of it as having an assistant that takes care of all needs, while you prepare for a flight mission. We handle phone answering, bookkeeping, accounting and other administrative tasks.

TheOfficeSquad Services Bookkeeping We understand the need for updated books and accounts to keep your finances on track. With TheOfficeSquad, you can count on timely and accurate reports every month. We handle everything from accounts receivable, accounts payable, transactions and financial statements. If you have any queries about your books, you can always reach out through a quick call or chat.

Hosted Quickbooks Once you join our flight team, you gain access to our cloud-hosted Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online. With these services, you have unlimited access to your books wherever you are. You can also enjoy collaborating with your team, which makes it easier to share documents and chat instantly. With cloud services, you no longer have to worry about a bookkeeper going silent when you can review your statements immediately. What’s more, we train you to use Quickbooks to help you prevent ‘do-it-yourself’ mistakes.

Virtual Assistance We take your customer support to the next level by upgrading you with virtual assistants. We have a team of trained professionals who handle administrative support, technical support and creative work. With the right help, you can forget tasks such as responding to emails, scheduling appointments or setting reminders. Because none of our virtual assistants are your employees, you can save on costs for office space, taxes, salaries, insurance and benefits. What’s more, we undertake the responsibility of vetting and training our assistants for your benefit.

Phone Reception Services TheOfficeSquad understands the need for quick phone answering services. Our goal is to answer all your office calls, provide sufficient responses and transfer calls to different departments. With our professional services, you can provide your clients and vendors with better support and improve your business’s image. You can also operate your business virtually and save costs on front office operations.

COO Services Can your business run without you? Can you take a day off without worrying that your business might collapse? With TheOfficeSquad, you can enjoy chief operations officer (COO) services to keep your business running while you’re away. We help your business by providing a qualified COO to oversee all your administrative support, customer support, bookkeeping, phone answering services and any other type of virtual office assistance.

Small Business Management with TheOfficeSquad

We support clients with varying needs and ranges of operations. If you’re just starting and wish to control your business entirely, ‘The Flight Club’ membership is ideal. In this service, we provide access to Quickbooks, training and guidance from business experts. If you’re ready for more support, consider ‘Add a Wingman’ to delegate some tasks or apply for ‘Full Flight’ for a full range of virtual office support services. Not sure if you’re ready? Contact us today or give us a call to learn more – 702-649-3495!