The Benefits of Hosted QuickBooks

The Benefits of Hosted QuickBooks

Many small business owners really excel at sales, customer service, etc., but they start to feel overwhelmed when it comes to completing critical back-office tasks, like bookkeeping. We don’t blame you! So many businesses depend on easy-to-use accounting software for assistance, and QuickBooks from Intuit is among the most popular. Owners of small- and medium-sized companies love QuickBooks not only for its ability to make accounting easy to understand, but also because the software can automate some of the more time-consuming aspects of bookkeeping. While deciding to switch to QuickBooks may be easy, settling on which version of the software to buy isn’t as simple. There are two ways businesses can get QuickBooks. They can either purchase QuickBooks as a standalone desktop version for a one-time payment or opt for a hosted version requiring a monthly subscription fee. Although some business owners believe they can save money by buying the desktop version of the software, many of them eventually regret their decision and make the switch to the monthly subscription model in the end. This hosted QuickBooks option offers many advantages over running the software on your local computer. Here are five of the most common reasons business owners prefer using hosted QuickBooks.

1. Better security.

Running QuickBooks on your on-site computer means your data is only as secure as your computer. With the massive increase of cybercrimes, including ransomware attacks, just how confident do you feel your information won’t fall into the wrong hands? When you host QuickBooks remotely through TheOfficeSquad, our knowledgeable professionals always handle your security.

2. Data protection.

Cybercriminals are not the only danger to your data. You also risk the possibility of losing all your financial information through a technical issue. Hosted QuickBooks offers you peace of mind that your information is backed up and protected, and our squad will ensure the software is always up to date.

3. Easy scalability.

Is your company growing, or do you run a seasonal business that affects the number of employees you have throughout the year? Opting for hosted QuickBooks lets you quickly add or remove users as the needs of your company change, so you are never locked into a certain number of desktop version licenses.

4. Everywhere accessibility.

Remotely hosting your QuickBooks gives you and your employees access to essential software any time, anywhere. Having the ability to work from anywhere allows for greater flexibility when it comes to getting work done and can significantly increase your productivity.

5. Customer support.

No matter how much you know about QuickBooks, there is a good chance you will run into a question from time to time. When you host QuickBooks with a dedicated, Intuit-approved hosting service (that’s us!), you can be sure you will always have someone to ask for help 24/7. Additionally, our team provides great software training. It may be your business, but you don’t have to go it alone. TheOfficeSquad offers professional-level bookkeeping and small business management assistance for a low monthly membership. Members have access to a wide range of essential business services, including hosted QuickBooks. Contact TheOfficeSquad to find out how we can help your business – 702-649-3495!