Profesional Voicemail Greeting

The Must-Haves of a Professional Voicemail Greeting

The Must-Haves of a Professional Voicemail Greeting As a business owner, it may seem unnecessary to focus your attention on creating a professional voicemail greeting when your to-do list and schedule are already jampacked. However, for many customers, business partners, and potential employees, your voice greeting is the first interaction they have with your company. It’s important to understand the following essential elements of a professional voicemail greeting so that your company produces a positive first impression.

1. A Unique, Concise Greeting

Your voicemail message should begin with an upbeat greeting that isn’t overused. For example, “Welcome to (your company’s name)” or “Good day!” are short and to-the-point. Stay away from phrases that your customers may tire of hearing like, “Your call is important to us” or a list of reasons you might be away from the phone.

2. A Thorough Introduction

After your greeting, you should introduce yourself and identify your company. If applicable, state the department the caller is trying to reach. There should be no question as to who the caller is contacting when they utilize your phone reception service.

3. Acknowledge That You’ve Missed the Call

Next, express an apology or regretful acknowledgment for missing the call. Callers appreciate feeling as if their time and attention are valued.

4. An Invitation to Leave a Message

Encourage the caller to leave a message so that you can return their call. If you prefer callers to leave specific information, clearly state this request in this portion of your professional voicemail greeting.

5. An Estimation of When the Caller Can Expect a Return Call

It’s frustrating for callers to have no idea when they can expect to hear back from a company or individual. Provide a realistic estimation of when callers will receive a return call.

6. The Appropriate Tone

The tone and voice inflections used in a voicemail influence the caller’s perception of your company. If your tone is tired and lethargic, the caller may worry that this is how your feel about their call. Use an upbeat, happy tone for the greeting and introduction. Then, for the acknowledgment of missing their call, use an apologetic tone. Use a comforting voice for the invitation to leave a message and info regarding a return call. Need more help fine-tuning your company’s communication systems or producing a fantastic professional voicemail greeting? Contact The Office Squad today!