Tools to Keep Self-Employed Workers on Track

TheOfficeSquad Recommends These Tools to Keep Self-Employed Workers on Track

TheOfficeSquad knows all too well that being self-employed has its perks: you control the vast majority of your time, energy and expenses. Unfortunately, one of the challenges of self-employment is learning how to manage these elements responsibly. If you’re searching for easy ways to stay on-task and organized, these apps can help you stay organized and on-task:

1. MailChimp

Staying in contact with your consumers is key to sustaining your business. MailChimp makes it effortless to manage your email marketing. With powerful features at affordable pricing, you can easily manage email campaigns, subscribers and sign-up forms, and quickly analyze data.

2. H&R Block Tax Preparation


is no simple task for the self-employed, especially when it comes to getting your taxed completed correctly. H&R Block Tax Preparation app allows you to prepare and file your taxes right from your mobile device. They guarantee that it will be prepared right and that you’ll always receive your maximum refund.

3. Clockify

Time management is essential, and with Clockify, it’s also easy. This free time clock app is your own digital assistant that can track projects, generate reports and craft unique timesheets. With seamless integration into other organizational apps, Clockify is the versatile time spotter you need.

4. Enloop

If you’re an entrepreneur who is always planning the next venture, Enloop is here to serve you. This business-plan-building app is a straightforward resource that allows you to visualize your business plan without getting caught up in tedious details.

5. Focus Booster

Having trouble staying on-task? Let Focus Booster keep you on schedule, including your break time. This app helps improve your self-discipline, setting you up for 25-minutes of uninterrupted productivity before a five-minute break.

6. Hemingway Editor

Make sure your writing is bold, clear and easily understood by all who read it. The Hemingway Editor is an app that edits your work, highlighting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar while also identifying sentences that are too lengthy or complex for average readers.

7. Ohdontforget

If you’re tired of forgetting the little, yet important, things on your to-do list, Ohdontforget can help. You can assign reminders to yourself that Ohdontforget will text you when scheduled.

8. WhatsApp

Virtual communication is more important now than ever, which is why WhatsApp is ideal for the self-employed. This app offers text, voice and video communications to people around the world.

9. ShipStation

Shipping and tracking those shipments is easy and affordable with ShipStation’s convenient app. Not only will it help you swiftly get your shipments from point A to point B, but you also receive great discounts from major shipping companies like USPS and FedEx.

10. MileIQ

An effortless lap that you can leave on in the background and forget about, MileIQ is the best way to track and log your mileage if your work requires you to drive.

11. Hootsuite

Although you need to stay present on social media, you also can’t spend every moment of your time on these apps. Hootsuite lets you schedule your posts across all major social media platforms in advance so you can consistently post without constantly being engaged on each platform.

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