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Alternatives for when You Can’t Afford a Full-time CFO
Looking for a CFO but can’t afford to hire a full-time position? This is a unique problem that many small and mid-sized businesses experience. At TheOfficeSquad, we understand that sometimes success depends on business growth, even if the avenue to fund that growth isn’t readily available. 
What not to Do When Hiring a Las Vegas Virtual Assistant
Are you searching for a Las Vegas virtual assistant? These remote professionals are within arm’s reach. However, just because you can easily find a virtual assistant, that doesn’t mean that it’s effortless to manage them. In fact, you’d be surprised how simple it is to hire a Las Vegas virtual assistant only...
Why You Should Stop Using Spreadsheets for Bookkeeping
Microsoft Excel is a fantastic resource. Far more than just a simple spreadsheet, macros can be added to accomplish everything from creating graphs to even playing Monopoly (yes, really). Many businesses also utilize Excel for bookkeeping, though we must caution you before committing such an important task...