Test and Verify Virtual Assistant Skills

Vetting the Candidate: How to Test and Verify Virtual Assistant Skills

More and more companies are moving to the remote model of hiring. Virtual assistants are the way of the future, and you’re right to consider hiring one. But, how can you be sure the VA you hire has the skills you need? Besides scouring their profile, you need to do a thorough job of interviewing them. This means testing them on the skills you’ll need them to have. By testing candidates, you can compare their results and choose the most effective VA. What kind of tests should you use? Keep reading for the top ways to test virtual assistant skills.

Test Their English Level

The beauty of hiring a VA is that you have the entire world of candidates to choose from. But, that means that for many, English isn’t their native language. For businesses that operate in English, having an English-speaking VA is crucial. Smiling female student doing homework by laptop at cafeteria table So, test their English skills during the interview process. You can do this in a couple of ways. Start by sending them an audio file and ask for a transcription of it. It could be a file you need transcribing or a created one for the purpose of the test. Then, send them a document of text with spelling and grammar errors. Ask them to make corrections and send it back to you.

Test Their Software Knowledge

Is there specific software you need your virtual assistant to use? It helps if they have previous experience with it. Some common software VAs need to know are Google Docs, Excel, Slack, and Skype. Accounting software knowledge is also a common criterion. If there are industry-specific software you use, include tests on them. You can create a test for candidates by giving them certain tasks to complete in the software. It could be as simple as using equations in Microsoft Excel. Or, processing an invoice in QuickBooks. This could also be a good time to test their typing skills. If you need them to fill out data quickly, fast typing is a must. Use an online typing test to gauge their skills.

Test Their Communication Skills

Communication is the most important skill for virtual assistants to have. Since they aren’t working in the office beside you, you can’t be sure your tasks are getting done. Fast responses in a professional manner are key. Business team working together at a call centre wearing headsets To test VAs for this, simply notice how soon they respond to your emails in the interview process. Notice their tone and accuracy when they reply. Then, have a Skype interview to get a better sense of their professionalism. Ask questions regarding how they manage their time and stay organized without supervision.

What are the Virtual Assistant Skills You Need?

Every business owner wants to spend less time on admin tasks and more on growing their business. You can outsource those admin tasks to a virtual assistant. Before you hire a VA, ensure they have all the virtual assistant skills you need them to. Use the tests above to help you find the right VA for you. If you’re not having any luck finding a VA, contact us. The Office Squad provides expert virtual assistance for a wide range of tasks.