What not to Do When Hiring a Las Vegas Virtual Assistant

What not to Do When Hiring a Las Vegas Virtual Assistant

Are you searching for a Las Vegas virtual assistant? These remote professionals are within arm’s reach. However, just because you can easily find a virtual assistant, that doesn’t mean that it’s effortless to manage them. In fact, you’d be surprised how simple it is to hire a Las Vegas virtual assistant only to prevent them from helping you succeed. Here are three common mistakes small business owners make when hiring virtual assistants:

  1. Mistake: Not Defining Your Needs

    Virtual assistants are dynamic professionals, but mind reading is not one of their skills. Your business goals are truly unique, no matter how general they may seem. Yes, you want success, but what does this success look like? An executive assistant, personal assistant, and data entry assistant each perform unique tasks.

    Solution: Detail Your Needs Before You Hire

    As you seek out a Las Vegas virtual assistant, make sure you’re aware of which type of help you need. If you need someone to manage your to-do lists and take notes during meetings, you may need a personal assistant. Alternatively, an executive assistant can act as a virtual receptionist or secretary who schedules meetings and returns phone calls.

  2. Mistake: Not Setting Them Up for Success

    You know the ins and outs of your business so well that every unique task you complete is simply “normal”. Unfortunately, a new employee doesn’t know your definition of normal. When you hire a virtual assistant, you need to make sure you set them up for success by through a thorough onboarding process.

    Solution: Give Them the Tools & Training They Need

    One way you can set a virtual assistant up for success is by creating a guide for them to follow when completing certain tasks. This can be as detailed as you believe is necessary to ensure that you’re not leaving out any information they’ll need during their workday.

  3. Mistake: Not Trusting Them as Professionals

    The biggest mistake you can make when hiring a Las Vegas virtual assistant is to micromanage them. These individuals do need guidance and support but remember that they are professionals. Not trusting their expertise and judgment will only disrupt their ability to help grow your business.

    Solution: Let Them Help You

    One of the best ways to help your virtual assistant is to step back and let them help you. Trust us, when you have the right Las Vegas virtual assistant on your payroll, they’ll provide the reliability and accountability you need.

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