What's your business address? If you're a small business or an independent consultant you may be working out of your home. Over 50% of all small business in the United States work from home. If you are one of them, what address is on your business card? If you're like most, you don't have an address on your business card. Here are a couple of reasons to consider having a professional address:

  • The perception could be that you are not as legitimate without an address on your business card
  • Some people still send hand written cards and are unable to do so
  • No packages will be received, including gifts from your clients or vendors

Maybe you have your home address on your business card. Here are a couple of reasons to rethink this:

  • Packages left by your front door are accessible to theft
  • If you are renting and move you have to reprint your business cards and go through the change of address nightmare
  • You never want clients or potential clients showing up unannounced while working in your pajamas

Perception is key. Think about using a professional company that can provide you with a professional address.  

Amber Cosgrove

Amber is the Lead Liaison for TheOfficeSquad. She works closely with small business owners to make their lives easier.