The Un-Franchise


Build your own squad with our support!

Do you  have a passion and desire to build your own bookkeeping, CPA, accounting or administrative support firm?

Maybe you’re up and running a successful venture but just need a little support to get to the next level.

Perhaps you’ve built a practice and you’re ready to step back a little or even retire.

It is possible to dramatically increase your income AND work fewer hours! 


Under our wing you’ll get the technology, training. support and help you need to take care of your clients and add more clients. You’ll be able to add more services, increase revenue and put more money in your pocket each month. Imagine…you could even work less, take a vacation or plan an exit to retirement.

A Franchise will cost you $30,000 to over $250,000 or more in a one time fee. 

Then you'll pay royalties monthly for as long as you own the franchise.  

Franchise agreements can be up to and over 10 years. 

Building it yourself from the ground up takes years.  The school of hard knocks is a no fun. and expensive.  

Join us in helping change the way America grows small business.  Build your own squad with our help or utilize TheOfficeSquad® to grow the firm you already have.  

You'll receive all the training, support, technology and branding as a franchise for way less. 

We're now accepting associate partners.  

You'll be profitable in less than one (if you're a good student.) 

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Now Accepting applications for the Las Vegas Valley

One Virtual Assistant Firm  (Filled) 

Two Bookkeeping Firms  (only one left) 

Two solo or small CPA Firms 


The Office Guru

Congratulations to our 1st Wing HQ Partner. Laura, The Office Guru 

Laura is an on-call right-hand woman for small business owners and entrepreneurs. By providing executive administration and business support on an as-needed basis, she frees up a business owner’s time to get their business to the next level.

TheOfficeSquad® Summerlin

Now Open at the Coop in Summerlin 
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