Need Business Support & an Office?

The Command Center is for you. 

If you're looking for business support and office space, you're in the right place. TheOfficeSquad can support you in accounting, bookkeeping, live phone reception, customer service, scheduling and weekly virtual administration support. This package includes an executive office suite, co-working space, conference room access and a coffee/ cocktail bar with snacks. This package is the whole shebang!

With licensed and guaranteed staff, TheOfficeSquad is on a mission to help businesses scale and grow.

“It's been effective and collaborative working together in one office."




"Very nice and efficient. A good service and smart team to work with"- A.D.

With the full Command Center package, you’ll have office space for employees, as well as business operations, and bookkeeping and accounting support to grow you business.  

Here’s what you get for just $2,900 a month*:

  1. Executive Suite with staffed reception, security, co-working space and 
    coffee/cocktail bar & snacks co-working space, 2 conference rooms, and 24/7 access
  2. Accounting department
  3. Live phone answering, customer service, and scheduling for up to 200 minutes
  4. Weekly virtual administrative support 
  5. Advice and discounted services from our Trusted Allies
  • Local CPA
  • Local part-time CFO
  • Local business coach
  • Business attorney
  • Website and SEO guru
  • Insurance experts


* Pricing may vary based on number of transactions

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