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Feel like you're in this business building thing all alone?

Join the club.

Many businesses fail within the first 3 years.  


We believe it's because they don't have the right support.  


  1. It's too expensive.
  2. They don't trust anyone or did at one time and had bad results.
  3. Too proud and perhaps a little stubborn?

Are you ready to commit and truly grow your business? 

Why the Flight Club

"Very nice and efficient. A good service and smart team to work with"

- T.P.

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As a Member of the Flight Club you will have the technology, advice, and help to grow your business.              Here's what you get:

  1. Remote access to the Virtual Desktop (your own cloud)
  2. The latest QuickBooks® Premiere Accountant desktop version  
  3. QuickBooks® training with a real person for the business owner. 
  4. Connect to your DropBox, Office365, and others if you need to
  5. Electronic storage cabinet for document storage and sharing
  6. Access to advice from a real bookkeeper, and accountants. 
  7. Advice and discounted services from our Trusted Allies:
    1. Local CPA 
    2. Local part time CFO
    3. Local business coach
    4. Business Attorney
    5. Web Site and SEO Guru 
    6. Insurance experts
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 Why The Flight Club?

Quickbooks help, resources, and tools for business owners when they need it.
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