Your piece of the cloud 

Replace QuickBooks Online, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Office 365 with The Virtual Desktop powered by TheOfficeSquad®

Trade in the cost of all these extras for just one and save. You will have access to QuickBooks, a printer, your documents and the squad from anywhere, anytime; without the cost of maintaining licensing, back up or IT support. All included with a Flight Club membership.

We were Cloud Computing before it was a "thing". 

We worked with clients remotely years before Microsoft gave it a name - "The Cloud"   Our founder was traveling from client to client and using back up files to work on QuickBooks files.  

Realizing there had to be a better way, she connected with a awesome IT guy to create a way to store and work with data for her clients remotely.  The Virtual Desktop was born.  By removing the cost of travel time and fuel, she lowered monthly cost for her clients.  

Do you have all your important data on a laptop or desktop? 

Large businesses have entire departments that handle the Information Technology (IT).  Our VDT allows small business and start ups to have the same thing without the overhead cost.

Remote access 24/7

QuickBooks Premiere Accountants Version with 4 licenses

Word and Excel

Instant Chat with your squad

Secure Electronic Storage

Remote printing to your local printer

and the important IT guy to make sure it's all working correctly. 


Virtual Offices & Executive Suites

A corporate presence including a business address, phone and more.

Virtual Desktop

Cloud computing solution with 24/7 secure access to all your applications and data.

Virtual Staff

Outsource your office management tasks and work with our staff through email, phone and instant chat.