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Whether keeping the budget down and receiving limited support sounds best for current needs, or you are leaning more towards the everything-off-your-plate-and-onto-ours Full Flight arrangement, the onboarding process is the same.

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  • Professional QuickBooks training & support
  • Hosted QuickBooks (Desktop or Online) subscription included
  • Advice and support from area experts


Starting at $350 a month
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a month
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Take Full Flight

  • Bundled professional back-office services
  • Customized to fit your business 
  • Flexible support that grows with you


Starting at $900 a month
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a month
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Flight Path: Our Onboarding Process

The military has a 4-step process for making effective decisions in high-stakes situations; it’s called the OODA Loop. To get our work together up and running efficiently and without hiccups, we follow the same process.



First, we’ll learn about your business. During a discovery call, we’ll have some questions prepared that will enable us to get up-so-speed quickly and meet you where you are.



After we learn about your business situation, we’ll make sense of what we learned, identify gaps and prepare to make sound recommendations.



Having thought through what we now know about you and your business, we’ll decide a customized plan of action and present it to you in easy-to-digest terms with clear steps.



Just as you might guess, it’s time to take off. We’ll implement our plan and get after it, helping your business become the best, most efficient, most successful version of itself.

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We’re excited to work together. Get in touch with our squad to discuss custom pricing options, onboarding, and, well, just about anything!

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Why We Do, What We Do

TheOfficeSquad combines the precision and discipline of the military with training in the administrative and bookkeeping fields, all while maintaining the understanding and urgency of owning a small business. We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we understand the importance of a good support system.

Our mission is to change the way that America grows small business.
Let’s do it faster, better, and smarter.

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