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Learn to Use QuickBooks Like a Friggin’ Boss

If you’re going to use QuickBooks yourself (and we know you will), this course will show you how not to F it up.

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Learn to Use QuickBooks Like a Boss

I’m so excited you’ve decided to take this leap and join me on the short-but-important journey to “Learn to Use QuickBooks Like a Boss.” This complete-at-your-own-pace course was created to answer a silent call for help from entrepreneurs, start-up leaders, and small business owners across the nation. The use of accounting software has become the norm for small business bookkeeping and the rumor is that it’s easy. Sort of … it’s easy to make a mess.

The creators and sales teams for online applications like QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks have been telling unknowing souls that all they have to do is download the application, answer a few set-up questions and they are on their way to easy and accurate bookkeeping. I’m throwing the bullshit flag.

This course will show you what you need to know to use accounting software as an owner. It will not teach you to be a bookkeeper or accountant. You have a business to grow, right? It will teach you to be a knowledgeable owner and knowledge is power.

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Tax Time is Just Around the Corner. 

Now’s the Time to Enter Your Financial Data CORRECTLY.

Register now and learn at your own pace. Enjoy the lifetime benefits of knowing how to use Quickbooks like a BOSS! Plus, you’ll get Quickbooks at 30% less than retail, or even for FREE by joining The Flight Club.

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Course Lessons Cover All the Heavy Hitters, Including:

  • WTF is a Chart of Accounts (and why you should care)
  • Ignoring your balance sheet – no no no!
  • Reviewing your numbers (and opening your eyes)
  • Mixing business funds & personal funds – keep it clean
  • Credit card tracking like a badass
  • Entering a bill but not paying it (don’t be that guy)
  • Receiving payments for double income
  • Confusing a vendor with an employee (Vendor or Employee?)
  • Reconciling (like it’s your religion)
  • Not entering every damn thing (Every Damn Thing)
Plus, These Valuable Bonus Lessons:
  • Who am I? Deciding between LLC, Corporation, or sole prop
  • The best way to create and read reports – and why you should
  • Tips to talk smart with your CPA
  • Spotting red flags with your bookkeeper

In addition to these rich courses, you’ll also be invited to a private group (LinkedIn or Facebook) in which you can attend private Q&A sessions with me, Dida, founder of TheOfficeSquad, and QuickBooks Boss!

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