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Are you flying solo? 

Feel like you're in this business building thing all alone?  

Join the club.  The Flight Club

Our basic membership provides you with the technology, training, advice, and support you need. 

Here's what you get for just $82.50 a month: 

  1. Remote access to the latest QuickBooks® Premiere Accountant desktop software. 
  2. Real training on how to use it correctly exactly for your business.    
  3. Answers to all your questions about bookkeeping, QuickBooks, just a phone call away. 
  4. Microsoft Office Professional - Word & Excel
  5. Connect to your DropBox, Office365, and others if you need to
  6. Instant Chat with TheOfficeSquad® for help and direction
  7. Electronic storage cabinet for document storage and sharing
  8. Advice and discounted services from our Trusted Allies:
    1. Local CPA 
    2. Local part time CFO
    3. Local business coach
    4. Business Attorney
    5. Web Site and SEO Guru 
    6. Insurance experts

When you need help to get the work done, you can add a wing man or two. 

Not just one bookkeeper, manager, receptionist, or administrative assistant. All of them.     

  • Bookkeeping
  • Administrative Support
  • Live Phone Answering


  Got Questions?  Let's talk.  


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