"Instead of franchising my scale-able hybrid virtual assistance model, I've chosen to partner with those that want to build their business to high 6 and 7 figures. Be it bookkeeper, accountant, CPA, or virtual assistant. If you have the drive and desire, I have the proven model.

A trusted, trademarked brand, a proprietary pricing system, and services that will add to your revenue but not your time. Win. Win." 

                                                                 Dida Clifton, CEO and Founder. 

Do you have a passion and desire to build your own bookkeeping, CPA, accounting, or administrative support firm?

Are you already doing it but could use a little support to get to the next level?

Perhaps you’ve built a practice and you’re ready to step back a little or even retire.

It is possible to dramatically increase your income AND work fewer hours! 


Under our wing you’ll receive the technology, training, support, and help you need to take care of your clients and add more clients. You’ll be able to add more services, increase revenue, and put more money in your pocket each month. Imagine, you could even work less, take a vacation, or plan an exit to retirement.


Building it yourself from the ground up takes years and the school of hard knocks is no fun.

We know because we've been there. 


Start from scratch and build your own squad or utilize TheOfficeSquad® to grow the firm you already have.  


 Join us and help change the way America grows small business.  


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virtual assistant las vegas

The Office Guru

Launched Summer 2016

Our 1st Wing HQ Partner. Laura, The Office Guru. 

bookkeeping meza arizona

TheOfficeSquad® Arizona

Launched July 2017

The wing partner program is amazing.  I couldn't have done this without it.  

It’s very nice when you start a business and can depend on an awesome team to help you through situations you may not know the answers to.

They are always very prompt in replying to emails and phone calls.

Anytime I have asked for something to be done it is taken care of right away.

It makes owning a business a much less stressful when you know you have a team of awesome people to support you!

Loree Hoewing

Wing Partner





TheOfficeSquad® Summerlin

Launched August 2017

TheOfficeSquad Henderson

TheOfficeSquad Henderson

Launched February 2018

Territory Is Available