Virtual Assistance

Get an entire office staff to help you run your business at a fraction of the cost with our Virtual Assistant services.

You not only get basic administrative support, you will get a team of well-trained professionals working together in one location.

You don't need to stay put. We're your portable business headquarters.


Independent Virtual Assistant vs. Virtual Office with Staff

Ready to take your future into your own hands?

A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and each provides a certain "niche". No one can do it all. So you end up hiring several and managing them all.

One for Administrative support, one for technical stuff, and another for creative assistance. All working remotely from all over. Most work from a home office with no accountability or management.

TheOfficeSquad virtual office consists of trained and experienced staff working in a consistent and professional setting in one location. Right here in the USA.

Like Having Employees But Without The Hassle

Because TheOfficeSquad members are not your full-time employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits.

You also won't have to worry about office drama, sick days, or managing.

We staff your virtual office with carefully vetted, skilled personnel. As full-time employees, they come into work on a regular schedule and receive all the employee perks.

Ready to take your future into your own hands?

Work from home and offshored freelance VAs are common and may cost less up front, but just imagine them not having a sense of responsibility to you or accountability to the business. 

Why risk your business to save a few dollars when you can have an entire team without the huge investment of in-house employees? Our reputation depends on hiring only the best, training them TheOfficeSquad way, and managing them so you don't have to.  Real office, real people, real accountable.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Thanks for all the good work and keeping me on time. Keep up the help you give me, and look forward to working more in the future, Thank you!" - T.P.

"Dida and her team are tremendous! Very glad to have their expertise helping our business." - J.B.

"Super awesome staff. World class service for a very needed necessity." - E.G.

A Team You Can Consistently Rely On

Our Virtual Assistant service is an entire squad of trained professionals in one place operating in the U.S., under one roof—managed, accountable, and guaranteed.

Here's just a few of the tasks we can help with. 

Executive Assistant
• Virtual Receptionist
• Virtual Secretary
• Checking / replying to emails
• Returning phone calls
• Reminder of special occasions
• Scheduling meetings
• Scheduling work orders
• Scheduling estimates

Data entry Assistant
• Data Base Management 
• Data conversion
• Processing forms
• Actually entering data
• Preparing / creating templates for data
• Make sure all of your data is presented in the right forms
• Delete any unnecessary or extraneous files
• Keep records of all activities and tasks

Personal Assistant
• Scheduling appointments
• Making reservations
• Managing to-do task lists
• Organizing paperwork, receipts, and bills
• Thank you cards
• Travel booking
• Note taking during meetings

Email Assistant
• Set up alerts, rules, and filters to suit your needs and preferences
• Clean up and sort, archive or delete old emails clogging up your inbox
• Manage and update your contact lists
• Unsubscribe you from unwanted email lists
• Send introductory emails to new clients
• Manage your auto-responder when you are out of the office
• Respond to requests for meetings, set them up, and add them to your calendar
• Setting up meetings in the software

Scheduling & planning 

• Scheduling meetings and conference calls
• Sending out action items and daily itineraries
• Managing calendars and appointments

Email Marketing
• Creating email newsletters

Travel Planning
• Travel itineraries
• Car rental
• Researching and booking flights
• Researching and booking hotels
• Finding restaurants
• Tracking and organization
• Following up on past due invoices
• Clean up projects

• Data research
• Information research
• Product research

Could one person possibly do ALL of this for you? 

That's why you need a Squad.

Ready to take your future into your own hands?

Schedule a call with CEO & Founder of TheOfficeSquad, Dida Clifton. She can help you reach a solution for all of your back office and administrative needs.